Unlike Ather S340 which was an electric scooter, the Volta ZAP looks just like a conventional cycle with a battery back built onto it. It, however, comes with a rugged look, therefore, standing by the company’s claim of a crossover electric bike. Volta ZAP’s battery pack is capable of delivering a range of 60km without even pedaling thereby resulting in an approximate running cost of about 7 paisa/km. The startup apparently claims that the maintenance of their bike is even lower than the conventional bikes out there. And it goes without saying, that another advantage of the Volta ZAP lies in its eco-friendly nature, thus making it suitable to become a daily commute replacement for many India.

Volta Motors claims that their ZAP crossover bike boasts of the lightest battery module found in any electric bikes so far at just 3kgs. They have apparently used an advanced Lithium battery technology that allows riders to charge their laptops, mobiles, tablets by using their bike’s battery as an emergency powerbank. It’s also worth noting that the purpose built box frame of the Volta makes it easy for users to remove the battery from the Volta ZAP for the ease of charging. That aside, it also comes with a Pedal Assist feature which rotates the bike tyres three times for a single rotation of the pedal, thereby easing the experience of pedaling for its riders. The electric crossover bike also comes with an integrated display that is, in turn, mated with a Volta companion app to provide a holistic riding experience to its owners. The rest of the features of the ZAP include the presence of disc brakes, front LED lamp and a utility space for taking your goodies along. The Volta ZAP comes with a wide range of customisable body panels and is currently available for pre-orders in India. That said unlike the Ather S340 the Volta ZAP doesn’t come with a seat for the pillion rider and this might be a downside for some.