This is what opened the door to other measures that needed to be implemented. This step had forced Apple to remove VPN apps from its App Store in the Chinese territory. Now, it looks like Russia is also considering to follow a similar path. According to the reports from Reuters, a new law, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, bans any technology like VPNs and proxies that are used to visit banned website in Russia. The bill has been approved by the Russian Federation Council. The new rule will go into effect on Nov. 1. Well, VPNs, Tor anonymity, anonymous mobile messaging services help users to access the banned website by hiding their identity. Leonid Levin, the head of Duma’s information policy committee, has said that the new law is not targeted at “introducing new bans for law-abiding citizens.” He claims that the new law is to prohibit access to illegal content. If we talk the range of what is supposed “illegal content” in Russia has increased significantly during Putin’s third term as a president. The Russian government is exercising more control over what people access or post online. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.