There are no shortage of decent Camera apps on the iOS App Store from third party developers. One such app – VSCO Cam – is now making the jump to the Android platform aiming to offer some “major advancements in mobile photography image processing.” Sadly, the Android version of VSCO Cam is nothing but a direct port of its iOS version including its UI. The interface of the app can be terribly confusing for a person who is using VSCO Cam for the first time. The app uses its own Share menu instead of Android’s inbuilt and much more powerful Share intent, which is a big no-no. Let’s not even talk about how inconsistent the back button behaves throughout the app.

On the features side, the app does offer some presets that improve how the images look, but in the end they are nothing but just filters applied on top of the original image.  Looking at the preset the app offers, there really is no doubt that it is an app meant for photographers and not the general users. During my brief time with the app, I noticed extraordinarily long loading times on my Nexus 5, which on such a powerful handset shows how poorly the app has been coded by the developers. VSCO Cam for Android can be downloaded for free from the Play Store for most, if not all, the Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. However, the app contains in-app purchases to unlock some preset packs.