A company called Vtech has come up with Kidibuzz, a phone that is designed exclusively for kids. The KidiBuzz makes use of the KidiConnect app and lets children send texts, paintings, drawings, animates stickers and also voice messages. All of the websites available are clubbed under the “popular pre-approved websites.” The children can also access music and watch videos from these websites. That’s not all, the KidiBuzz features a rotating 180-degree camera that can be used with funny frames and photo effects. One of the biggest drawbacks here is that the KidiBuzz will not work in an Apple ecosystem. That is if you or your family members use iPhone and iPad, the KidiBuzz is rendered useless. The statistics mention that an average American kid consumes media and uses a phone for 9 hours in a day and the Kidibuzz seems to be a nice way of making sure the children have access to the stuff that is relevant to their age group.