Many times, some games come out first for iOS than for Android. Many users of Google operating system start searching and they find malicious “APK” files that could easily access sensitive information present on your device. The smartest and safest thing is to wait until the official version appears in the Google Play Store.

Why iOS first?

Although there is no confirmed reason, it seems that reason is one of the biggest taboos in Android: security. Shigeru Miyamoto, the “father of Mario” had an interview with the site Mashable to discuss the development of the game, where he revealed that “the security element is one of the reasons to go with iPhone and iOS first.” In fact, Miyamoto addresses another of the most important issues: the need of Internet to run the Super Mario Run. The creative said the game needs Internet to avoid piracy, another of the biggest taboos on Android, where it is very easy to download applications without paying. Given this, we can now know why Nintendo is taking so long to launch Super Mario Run for Android.

Installing Super Mario Run on Android is not yet possible:-

Super Mario fans on Android will have to wait. There is currently no version available for Android. Nintendo is working on it. There is no official release date for Android but it is very likely that it will not arrive in 2016. So, we must avoid installing those malicious APK files at all costs, since we could enable certain permissions to the very important information. For this reason, we recommend that you could download some alternatives to Super Mario Run until it comes out on Android. So now if someone says they have the APK of Super Mario Run for Android and you can simply download it for free. Then beware of the data theft. As there is no Super Mario Run for Android as we told earlier.