Others can be confusing, like the folded hands emoji, in which two palms are pressed closely together. Many people use it to symbolize prayer, while others use it to mean please or thank you. If you don’t know the various meanings behind each emoji, you may misunderstand a text someone sends you: Is someone asking for you to pray on their behalf, or are they thanking you for something? It gets even dicier when we look into emojis with x-rated meanings. Tap or click here to make sure your emoji choice isn’t accidentally leading people on. That’s why we put together this easy list of the 25 most popular emojis — along with all of their meanings to help you avoid future misunderstandings.

Emoji meanings you need to know

We tried to find some of the most commonly used emojis with multiple meanings. Some of them vary across cultures, while others have surprisingly complex double meanings. If you’ve ever received a few emojis you don’t understand, this chart might help you understand what was going on. RELATED: Clever Mac keyboard shortcuts you’ll use time and time again Check them out: Given the speedy nature of the internet, we imagine some of these will morph over time. Maybe they’ll gain even more double (or triple) meanings later on!

Curious about an emoji that wasn’t on the list? Try this

One great resource you can use is Emojipedia, which lets you copy and paste every emoji. It’s a blessing when you’re on your desktop and want to use emojis but you’ve forgotten the shortcuts on your keyboard. RELATED: The Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts you need to know As a reminder, when you’re typing in Windows 10 and you want to add an emoji, hit the Windows logo key, + and . (That’s the Windows logo, the plus sign and the period sign.) You’ll open up a little box like this: Just click and you’re good to go. If you’re on a Mac, open the Emoji Viewer by hitting Ctrl + Command + Spacebar at the same time.