Security researchers are still busy developing fixes for the Wannacry ransomware. Well, Windows was affected massively across the world. The attack mostly targeted systems running on Windows XP. However, Windows 10 was probably safe against WannaCry ransomware attacks because Microsoft has already issued a patch that effectively saved the ransomware from causing any significant damage. Recently, researchers at RiskSense have successfully managed to port the WannaCry exploit to infect Windows 10 as well. The technical details haven’t made public. However, users running the updated version of Windows 10 with all patches installed are likely to remain safe. As we all know that WannaCry had been spread by exploiting a vulnerability named EternalBlue. Security researchers at RiskSense built a Metasploit module that can bypass all the security features implemented by Microsoft in its Windows 10 operating system. Researchers at RiskSense explained that the idea behind this project was to prevent similar attacks in the future, not to provide hackers information on how to compromise Windows 10. Researchers explain in a paper “We’ve omitted certain details of the exploit chain that would only be useful to attackers and not so much for building defences. The research is for the white-hat information security industry in order to increase the understanding and awareness of these exploits so that new techniques can be developed that prevent this and future attacks. This helps defenders better understand the exploit chain so that they can build defences for the exploit rather than the payload” The new exploit was built to work against Windows 10 x64 versions 1511 which is still supported by Microsoft. If you are windows user then keep your system up-to-date. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.