Want longer Battery Life on iPhone? Just Do one thing

According to The Guardian journalist, Samuel Gibbs, “If you delete Facebook app from your iPhone, you will save about 15% of battery life by doing it. Mr Gibbs used iPhone 6S Plus for a week without Facebook App installed, and used the Facebook on a Safari Browser. He left the phone for charging overnight, and unplugged it from charging every morning and then noted the battery life at 10:30 PM daily. Now we came to know that uninstalling Facebook App helps us to save 15% of iPhone’s battery life. Besides this, Facebook App had consumed over 619 MB in my iPhone while the app’s size is 89.1 MB. We can access Facebook on Safari efficiently but however instant articles and share to option is not available on the Facebook’s Website. Recently, Android users also complained “Facebook’s Android App is badly affecting performance and battery life. The users complained that it drains battery even it is running in the background. Now it is clearly known that Facebook’s App is affecting both major mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. In Android, Facebook was also affecting device’s performance, however in iPhone it is unsure whether it is affecting the device’s performance or not. If you remove Facebook App from your iPhone, you will not only save battery life but the device’s storage consumed by Facebook App. We hope that you loved this article, do leave your comments below and share your experience with us.