Android devices’ battery life had long been criticized as adequate at best, compared to iOS and even Symbian smartphones before them. That was partly due to the OS and processors not being energy-efficient, and to screens getting bigger faster than battery capacity and optimizations. The situation has recently changed however, with many Android smartphones claiming better and better battery life. The LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note series were notoriously known as the most recent battery kings but it looks like that title has finally found its new owner in the Samsung Galaxy S5. Measures made by both AnandTech and PhoneArena seem to put the Galaxy S5 right at — or near — the top when it comes to battery endurance in various tests, however the most important one is Anandtech’s charging speed. The Galaxy S5 is capable of charging its 2800mAh battery fully in under 2 hours, at least half an hour faster than most other current flagships. Other decision factors notwithstanding, if you’re a road warrior and you need your phone to charge as fast as possible and last as long as possible — with the bonus option of carrying an extra replaceable battery — you might have to turn to the Galaxy S5.