I’m not the kind of guy who is always on the hunt for a new app to install on my device. Once I take my phone out of the box, I’ll install a handful of apps, maybe install a couple more during the next one to two weeks, and then after that I never touch the Play Store icon. Recently, however, I’ve been hearing good things about this Android app called “PushBullet“. After using it for a little over a month, I can say I’m a huge fan and highly recommend it. A new version was pushed out today that makes it even better.

Stepping back, what is PushBullet? Say you’re looking at something on your desktop that you want to read on your phone. How do you get that website or image or address on your device? Do you send an email to yourself? With PushBullet, you install a Chrome extension, click a single button, and whatever is in the tab you’re currently viewing is sent right to your device. It sounds simple, and that’s because it is.

But today the PushBullet developers have added an even more exciting feature. Say your phone vibrates in your bedroom, but you’re in your office. How do you find out what made your phone vibrate? Easy, PushBullet now pushes whatever notifications you’ve received on your phone to Chrome. Now admittedly I had a few issues getting this setup, but once I updated the app, updated the extension, and enabled Chrome syncing, everything ended up working flawlessly. Truth be told, I want Google to build this into Chrome and Android so I don’t have to even bother installing PushBullet, and I know the developers are going to hate me for saying that, but I feel this feature is so compelling that it should be baked in.