Now, it has gone a step ahead and made it even easier to utilize the Android Device Manager option on your smartphone. You can now visit the Google homepage to look up your lost Android device!

Simply type in “Find my phone”, and Google will show where your phone is on a map. Assuming you had left it at a cafe or dropped it in a park, this is the best possible way to know its current location. You can also set it to ring, should it be lost under your couch or pile of books at home or office. The feature requires you to be signed in to the same Google account on your browser as on your Android phone. If you’re using Chrome, you can directly type in “Find my Phone” on the address bar. If you have multiple Android phones associated with the same Google account, you can choose the phone you want to find by choosing from the drop down list available on top right corner. There are few obvious caveats here. One, you got to have location reporting enabled on your phone for this to work, two, you must have the latest version of Google app installed on your Android phone and three, the phone needs to be ON and connected to the web for this to work (d’oh!) Nothing groundbreaking, but extremely simple as compared to going to Android Device Manager page and track the phone. Google for your phone!