The tool tries to decipher which phone is right for you by giving you several scenarios for how you primarily use your smartphone. Each of the categories then have a follow-up question, which feeds the answers into an algorithm uses to narrow down the options. You have to choose at least three categories before selecting a phone. Once you get some choices, you can still mix up the results by price, size, or how new the device is. The Shop Now button launches another screen that takes you to the carrier’s site, finds a brick–mortar store, or lets you email the recommended phones to yourself. y this matters: One of Android’s strengths, the wide variety of devices available, can sometimes be a detriment to consumers looking for a new phone. th all the custom interfaces, screen sizes, different manufacturers some may be tempted to keep it simple go for an ione. This proactive approach by is the right move to help you see all the phones available make sense of the options. There’s just no promise they’ll sing for you.