But there are complaints from users who expected more from the tech giant Apple in some areas. The latest discovery, which became a source of complaints, is that Linux can not be installed in the new MacBook Pro. Now that the new Apple Laptops that are reaching the consumer, so, it’s the time begins to know thoroughly about this. The first reviews are positive and reinforce all that has been said and written about the new MacBook. But one Reddit user has a different opinion based on something found. Hot2 the user who first reported the problem on Reddit where it revealed that the new MacBook Pro does not allow Linux to be installed. There is only one problem, but several and that are preventing other operating systems to be installed natively on these platforms, as it is simply designed and created to run the MacOS operating system from Apple. The first problem is the keyboard and touchpad do not work. Because they are not connected internally via USB, but SPI, these “peripherals” are not detected. Only the power button functions to allow restart the Mac. This is a problem that has happened before on Mac. But the biggest problem, and that has not already ended in sight, is the SSD drive that Apple uses in MacBooks. This displays an incorrect PCI ID and therefore, it can not be used as a boot disk on Linux. This problem is such that this drive does not even appear in the Linux installation. However, these problems should not arise if they want to install Windows. While it might seem very unexpected to the users who are new to the Linux, as the tech giant Apple has custom hardware and the open source community has been actively reverse engineering the drivers since a long time. Hence, now it seems clear that Linux lovers will have to wait for a little more before Linux kernel contributors fix these issues. After Lenovo was hit with a similar problem, and that the company resolved with a firmware update of its laptop, now is the time Apple also have the same problem. However, this does not be a situation that the Cupertino company intends to solve the problem immediately in future.