So, if you want to surf the Internet without any trace then, of course, the Tor Browser is undoubtedly the best solution for you. But, now it seems that recently, fraudsters have written a wrong Tor browser, which is supposed to connect users securely with a subforum named Rodeo. When users download the software and connect to the alleged marketplace to buy illegal merchandise, they are presented with a credible user interface. The whole procedure, however, has only the goal, to lend them Bitcoins out of the pocket. This reckoned Dark Web marketplace emerges to non-technical or noob and provoke users into placing orders such as products and services like hacking services, weapons, unlocked phones, drugs, fake credit cards, counterfeit money and much more and simply encourage them for paying via Bitcoin for the products they will never ever receive.

Also, the alleged browser never establishes a connection with the Tor network. It merely downloads the alleged web pages from an FTP server on which they are stored as plaintext data and Base64 encoded HTML. Allegedly PGP-encrypted user data is also there in the plaintext. So far 158 users have registered. Some of them seem to have bitcoins and waiting for their goods.

Although the browser is a very rudimentary .NET program and almost all the buttons of the software do not work, the actual websites of the alleged marketplace are quite well implemented. The fraudsters seem to have placed as many illegal goods as possible in the offer to lure visitors and simply make many visitors spend money. They also aggressively advertise their wrong undergrounds with YouTube tutorials that promise easy, secure access to illegal goods. So, what do you think about this scam? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.