SS7, or Signaling System No. 7, is a secret network that cellphone companies use to route your cellphone and landline telephone calls. It’s essentially a closed internet where they can track your personal information. Creepily, they can listen to your phone calls. They can also intercept your calls and text messages. Worse, they can track your phone’s physical location on SS7. In other words, hackers can find you! The problem is, the SS7 has weak security. Your private information can be easily accessed by hackers. Security experts have been warning about vulnerabilities on SS7 for years. One vulnerability allows a hacker to use SS7 to intercept your phone calls. They use a system to bridge two calls together. They call-forward your calls to their bridging system and disable your call-forwarding feature. That vulnerability and others like it are only part of the problem. Now, anyone can buy access to SS7. That access is being sold on the Dark Web by a hacker who calls herself The Interconnect0r. Prices start as low as $150 a month. You can access it with the anonymous web browser Tor. Bonus: What the Dark Web is and how to access it For $150, she’ll give you a printout of someone’s phone call records, including their physical location. For $250 a month, you can intercept someone’s phone calls and text messages. For $500 a month, you can get access to everything. Or, if you really want to access many users’ phone calls and texts, The Interconnect0r will give you direct access to SS7. Note: Some people who’ve been working with The Interconnect0r say this may be a scam. However, The Interconnect0r says she’ll post a free site next week where people can test it out.

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