An investigator has now discovered a serious flaw in iOS, which shows that even with access to the right permissions, any app can leave the user vulnerable by having indiscriminate access to the cameras. It seems that this alleged failure can endanger the safety of iOS users by being able to give any app access to both iPhone cameras and taking pictures or movies without users noticing. Note that access is only guaranteed while the app is in the foreground of execution. Unlike other equipment, there is no led on the iPhone that indicates the use of the cameras or any signal is given indicating the capture of the images. These same images can then be sent by the app to a central point, without the users’ intervention. In addition, it is still possible for the app to do more things, such as using video streaming out of equipment, using face detection software or sensing users’ moods. The video below shows how this process can run silently and without the user having any idea.

There is still no response from the tech giant Apple, but it is most likely to be indicated that this behavior of iOS is actually expected and that access is supposed to be total and without any restrictions. Already in previous situations, this position was assumed by the company. Unfortunately, there is no way to protect users against this behavior. What the investigator who discovered the flaw recommends is that camera access permissions must be removed from all applications and that the official app to capture images should be used, which can then be shared manually and by users only. If you recognize the problem, the tech giant Apple may soon resolve it by placing a visual identification whenever the camera is being used, as other systems do, such as access to the location. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.