We saw some days ago some fidget spinners dangerous to children by containing small pieces, among other problems, but now they have skipped the alarms because some fidget spinners explode. Some people are really crazy about Fidget spinner, as its interior hide some technology. In most cases, a simple – and small- battery lithium ion connected to a set of LED lights. In others, however, this concept of ‘tech spinner widget’ has been taken to the extreme and we even have Bluetooth to connect the toy to the smartphone. Not only that even some manufacturers, introduced a battery inside the fidget spinner which seems to have come out well. However, there have already been several incidents with them, in which the toy explodes after burning in flames for no apparent reason.

Fidget spinners that end up in flames or exploding, not because of the speed at which they spin

In Michigan, there has been a case where a fidget spinner with Bluetooth has burned into flames while plugged into a power outlet to charge its battery, and another similar case has been registered in Alabama. Luckily, in none of the cases have there been serious problems, but you have to be careful with this fashion toy when it comes to versions that have a battery inside. Obviously, if you do not have these LED lighting systems or a battery inside, the ‘danger’ of the toy is practically none. It is not at all new that they explode ‘fashion toys’ because it also happened with the hoverboard. Any electronic device with a battery is sensitive to problems like this, but if we buy products from unreliable brands, the risk is obviously much higher. That’s why it’s always better to shop from reliable stores and brands when it comes to these ‘fashionable’ devices. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.