Now, a team of computer security researchers from the firm Palo Alto Networks has launched a new alert: a new malware for Android has been identified that has the ability to steal data from more than 40 applications, including the social media giant’s application Facebook and the most widely used and popular instant messaging application WhatsApp, as well Such as the positioning of devices. The virus has been called SpyDealer and it is an Android Trojan that could be operating since October 2015. According to the report of these researchers, they have found 1,046 different samples of this Trojan. Malware, although still in development, stands out for being very powerful and having many malicious functions. On the other hand, it can steal data from more than 40 apps installed on the device, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, browsers, mail apps, etc. Therefore, this severe threat can easily obtain necessary confidential information from victims without their knowledge. To perform these actions, SpyDealer simply obtains administrator permissions to keep the device compromised and employs Android accessibility services for malicious purposes. Hold on, not only that, even it is also capable of taking clandestine screenshots, record phone calls and microsounds, monitor the location or even remotely control the device through UDP, TCP and SMS channels. From Palo Alto Networks they point out that fortunately the malware has not been distributed through Google Play, and believe that it will be spreading through compromised wireless networks. The team has notified the Mountain View company, of course, the tech giant Google of the problem, which has already created protections against SpyDealer through Google Play Protect. So, what do you think about this dangerous virus? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.