Much of cyber attacks, malware, and cyber-frauds have one common goal: to steal personal or financial data from the victims for malicious purposes. Although attack techniques have evolved over time and we can now find very sophisticated methods, there are simpler strategies that unfortunately continue to work miraculously for cyber criminals such as phishing or scam. Given that the Apple ID gives access to all the personal and bank information of users of iPhone, iPad, Mac computers or Apple Watch, these keys are highly coveted by criminals, who on many occasions have launched campaigns to steal this personal and crucial information. The new fraud, which has been uncovered through Reddit, works as follows: the victim receives a text message informing him/her that his/her iPhone ID is about to expire. The SMS provides a shortened URL where it is assumed that the tech giant Apple’s, Apple ID can be updated, although as you have already guessed it leads to a fake website. In case of completing the access data, these will remain in the hands of the criminals, so they will have a freeway to steal all the personal information that you keep in your Apple account, from your credit card details to phone numbers of your contacts, as well as personal photos or videos that you store on iCloud. However, To avoid being a victim of such attacks, always be wary of receiving an unwanted communication, be it an SMS, an email or a WhatsApp message, among other options. Above all, never visit the links that are attached to these communications, let them be alone if it is a shortened URL. So, what do you think about this new scam that seeks to steal users’ private information and targeted the tech giant Apple’s devices? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.