Or maybe you’re a big TV fan. The days when TV was called a “vast wasteland” are long gone. Now, it’s easy to find highly produced TV shows with complex storylines and multi-dimensional characters played by actors best known for making movies.

Best of all, it’s free

It’s an ad-supported platform, so you’ll see commercials, just like on regular TV. Tubi TV is like other streaming platforms, such as Netflix, that stream a mix of movies and TV shows. Unlike many others, though, Tubi TV airs some of its content live. On some streaming media players, like Roku, you can choose its “live TV” option. Then, instead of scrolling through menus, looking for something to watch, let Tubi TV do the work for you. Put down the remote control and relax. Tubi TV will stream one show after another. Tap or click here to time your favorite TV shows for binge-watching. At the moment, Tubi TV’s content tends to be on the older side. Yet, it’s always adding new titles. In fact, Tubi TV airs content from major Hollywood studios, including Lionsgate and MGM, both of which have a financial stake in Tubi TV. Click here to try out Tubi TV now.