Google Glass is slowly making the rounds, being used by people in the wild, Google Glass Italy added a new one, posting up a great video showing an MMA fight streamed from a Google Glass wearing referee. The fight features the opening moves the December 14th bout between Daniele Scatizzi and Enrico Romano during the Impera FC 2. Once you get used to the head-nodding and quick back and forth glances, the footage is interesting from a sports and technology perspective, even if the fight itself is on the slow side. Google Glass has the right combination of being wearable, allowing it to capture all the action as the referee see its it. It also is small enough to not get in the way, so the referee isn’t constrained in his movements. It’s a much different perspective than a sideline cameras, which can zoom in, but just can’t get the same angle as a referee. This is only the beginning and as the technology improves, you could see Glass on referees in bigger sports like soccer, hockey or basketball. Can you imagine watching a rugby scrum from the eyes of the referee? Even better would be the footage from an athlete in action. What I wouldn’t give to see some extreme skiing footage from the eyes of a skier.