As we watch technology continue to evolve, we can forget that it’s moving at such a rapid pace that it can leave some people behind. Seeing new technology introduced to folks who may not otherwise know what it is can be daunting, but more often than not it can be quite revealing, too. Revealing and daunting is certainly a couple of ways you can explain it, but entertaining is also a word that some people might use. Throw in a gadget like Google Glass, which has only recently gone on sale for anyone who wants to join the Glass Explorer Program and also has $1,500 to spend, and you could potentially have hilarious results. TheFineBros wanted to find out what a group of elderly people might think of Google Glass, so they went out of their way to find out. In their newest “Reacts” video posted to YouTube, several people are introduced to Google’s wearable for the first time, and the reactions are certainly unique. As you can imagine, there are some questions brought up about some of the features on the device, like the front-facing camera, and how people might not like that out in public. The other valid point (to some, including courtrooms) brought up is Glass’s potential distraction to drivers. When asked if they would buy Glass, the majority of the group said they would, which only makes one wonder if the $1,500 price tag was included in there. In the end, though, these five individuals didn’t seem to hate Glass at all, even if they did have some pressing questions. Does that mean Glass is bound to be a hit whenever it finally does launch for the general public (outside of the Glass Explorer program)? What do you think?