Hulu’s aim is to provide you with the web’s most comprehensive selection of premium programming across all genres and formats – television shows, feature films, clips, and more. With the supports of major television networks like NBC, FOX, Bravo, CNET, Comedy Time, E! Entertainment Television, National Geographic, Sci Fi Network, USA Network etc., Hulu has become a supreme force of online TV streaming.

However, due to the limitations of copyrights, almost all Hulu shows are limited to viewing inside the USA. Same applies to Sling as well. That means that if you live in the United States but are currently abroad you can’t watch the videos at Hulu or Sling. Unless, you have found a way to use a service that hides your IP and displays one from the United States. And that’s exactly what this article all about – How to watch Hulu and Sling videos from outside United States?

Access Hulu & Sling Outside the US – Premium method

The following method is unfortunately not free but works perfectly to watch all videos at Hulu & Sling. Secure-Tunnel offers a software that tunnels your connection through their service which is located in the United States. This means that you can use their software to watch videos at Hulu (or Sling) plus use any other service that is geo-targeted to the United States. Their Gold package costs around $8 per month.

Watch Hulu & Sling Outside the United States – Free method

In order to view Hulu / Sling shows outside of USA, all you need is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. With VPN, your computer will be connected and assigned a new USA IP address. Therefore with the new IP address, it is possible to view all Hulu/Sling shows or access ANY service that is limited for USA residents. Hotspot Shield is a free VPN service software. Hotspot Shield helps secure your computer, your anonymity and your online communications when using wi-fi. Go to and download Hotspot Shield (direct download link). Extract the package contents and run the setup file. Once installed Connect to the VPN and you are done!! Direct your browser either to Hulu or Sling and check it out. Note: In case Hotspot Shield doesn’t work for you, try other FREE VPN services. Just make sure the IP is US (or UK) based.