Although Just Cause 3 is one game quite expected for anyone that does not dispense a wild gambling in the open world style – as in a crazy marriage GTA V and Saints Row IV – part of the public was disappointed with the news that multiplayer would be out this chapter of the saga. However, in a recent interview, Roland Lesterlin, director of the title, who rebelled, that although the option is not present in the final product, its staff seriously thought about it and discussed a lot about the addition of the sport.

Watch Just Cause 3 The Awesome Starting Despite the great community work, which created a multiplayer to the previous installment of the series, have inspired professionals, the new project was another focus. “Just as Just Cause 2 was known to be a sandbox with a gigantic open world – and surprised many by showing that the islands could do that – we wanted to replicate the same experience with updated physical and mechanical, focusing exclusively the players, “said the executive in a chat with GameSpot.

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This focus on the user experience really seems to have been the North’s development of Just Cause 3 for the Avalanche. According Lesterlin, the studio paid attention to what his audience wanted and liked about the franchise and tried to serve you in the best possible way. The fact that gamers become passionate about sharing their maneuvers and made insane in the game world, for example, indicated a good path to be followed by the production team.