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How to watch the Kim Komando Show on demand

If you really want to get a feel for the show – and watch it on demand on your own schedule – you need to join my Kim’s Club. Members of Kim’s Club enjoy behind-the-scenes access to the show. They join me every Friday as I record my show live, and if they miss the recording, they sign into the site and watch the show on demand. Get a front-row seat to my show by joining Kim’s Club now for $3 a month or a one-time payment of $29.99. This is subject to change, so hurry! You can always catch me on my TV show that airs on Bloomberg Television. Episodes are one hour and air on Bloomberg TV every Saturday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time. Miss an episode? View it the following week on my YouTube channel. Check out the full episodes or view short video clips featuring caller questions, specific tips, how-to guides, and more. Just find the video you missed and click play to get your fix. You’ll be trying out that new tip or gadget in no time. Bonus: What are Kim’s favorite apps?

How to watch Kim Komando on YouTube

The Kim Komando Show YouTube channel features the same great content you’ll find on the live show, the podcast, and the website. In episodes like this one, we talk about how to send secret text messages and conceal them on your phone, dodging robocallers posing as Apple Support representatives, using GPS to track your pets, and so much more. Each episode also features time for callers like you to call in and get answers to your tech questions. In this episode, we help our caller, Bill, learn more about how to digitize his hundreds, if not thousands, of old photos quickly and easily. We also talk to another caller, Roy, about how he can better use his GoFundMe web page to digitally raise money for his daughter’s Army Reserve homecoming party. We love helping our listeners with all of their tech-related questions and giving you insight into questions you might also have at home.

In this episode, we even talk about a museum with a selfie-taking robot! When it comes to all things tech, the Kim Komando Show is your one stop shop. Fortunately, with our YouTube channel, you won’t miss a beat.

More than just tips and news

While tips and life hacks are a big part of what we do here on the show, we also focus on serious security and privacy issues. Watch this episode to learn more about a massive data breach and how you can see if your email address or password was exposed. Staying up to date with the latest in the tech world can keep your data safe and secure.

Listen to Kim Komando podcasts and more

Next time you miss an episode, stop by The Kim Komando Show YouTube Channel. If you watched a live episode and can’t remember the tech tip we gave that you just knew would be a game changer for you, you can re-watch it on YouTube anytime. Whenever and wherever you need it, you can learn about gadgets, new apps and, of course, watch the best viral videos of the week. Enjoy the Best of Komando on Demand for 2018