It can be overwhelming, to say the least. In times like these, it’s important to step away from the news every now and then just to clear your mind and get away from the stress of it all. Tap or click for some de-stressing apps to help take your mind off the coronavirus pandemic. The problem is most of the things we turn to for entertainment like sports and movie theaters have closed up shop. That leaves us scrambling for ways to stay entertained. The good news is lots of artists are stepping up and performing shows live online.

Fun ways to stay entertained online

As we said, there are plenty of cool live performances to watch online and we’ll get to those in a bit. But first, there is a penguin cam that we just have to tell you about! The Monterey Bay Aquarium has posted a webcam that you can watch online for free every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific. Who doesn’t love penguins? The beautiful creatures provide hours of entertainment and if you watch carefully, you might even see them communicating with each other. You may also like: Companies giving out free stuff and how to get it OK, OK. On to the live performances. With festivals and concerts being postponed or canceled, those of us with a need for live music are out of luck — at least for the near future. That’s why it’s pretty cool that some artists have started performing shows online for free. It’s a great way to get your music fix without leaving the comfort of your home. One great resource to find these shows is The site created a page that is updated daily with all live streams and virtual concerts to watch during this COVID-19 pandemic. Just visit the page each morning to find out who’s playing where that evening. Performances are streaming on sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Another way to find shows is to follow your favorite artists on social media. If they happen to be doing live streams, they’ll post it on their accounts. Also, try following your local music venues on Twitter and Facebook. Many venues are having bands play without an audience and letting fans watch through Facebook Live, YouTube or Instagram. You may also like: The 5 best streaming sites for movies and shows Even if you’re not lucky enough to catch a show while it’s streaming live, many are posted on YouTube that you can watch at your convenience. There’s nothing quite like experiencing a band playing live in-person, but this is the next best thing and will tide us over until life gets back to normal.