It seems that recently, it has been leaked, as a video showing it in action. Below you can read the official description of Microsoft Whiteboard:- Microsoft Whiteboard is a free digital whiteboard app that actually presents in the Surface Hub where people, ideas, and content meet.

It uses ink to enable smart features

In addition to standard color sets, Whiteboard includes striking new ink tones, a marker and a virtual ruler that provides greater flexibility, emphasis, and accuracy than a physical whiteboard. Smart ink technology, such as Ink to Figures and Ink to Tables, automatically transforms drawings into shapes so that charts and flow charts become cleaner and easier for everyone. Whiteboard even comes with a virtual framework that lets you drag and resize the contents so you can manage the ideas and keep things organized for the whole team.

Bring all the power of the web

The Bing search is built into Microsoft Whiteboard. You can search for images directly from within the application. It requires a physical keyboard or a browser. You can insert pictures and annotations of them. The images shown will not be licensed with Creative Commons technology. However, you will not have to worry about the copyright issues.

Working with others in different places

Whiteboard allows collaboration between the Surface Hub of the same company with other people, allowing you to work together, regardless of whether you are in the same place or in different places. The writing ink allows you to easily write the content and execute the brainstorming with colleagues and not only that even the sharing is very easy. Moreover, this application is clearly focused on a business market where the Surface Hub has room. This is also seen because the collaboration features require Office 365 Enterprise and OneDrive for Business. In summary, with Microsoft Whiteboard you can:-

Freehand writing or ink Create and share video lessons with other users Use the ruler function Select, highlight, underline or delete content Draw tables manually with ink

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