Gmail Shelfie

Taking selfies has become a social phenomenon and recently even Apple has added a new category to iTunes with special apps for taking selfies. So, perhaps this one was a little bit hard to catch. On its 10 years anniversary, Google announced Gmail Shelfie, a tool that allows you to easily take a photo of yourself and set it as your Gmail theme.

Google Magic Hand

Google Japan has introduced the Magic Hand, a new input method for smartphones which lets operate your own mobile device with a magic hand. The “helpful” extensions weighs “just” 800g and can be attached to any keyboard. You can choose from right-hand and left-hand versions, and different models.

Google Maps Pokémon Challenge

Google Maps team is also having some fun with the new Pokémon Challenge that lets anyone with an Android or iOS device catch wild Charizards and Pikachus to add to your Pokédex. You’ll need to use the map to find Pokémon nearby, and then catch them by going to the location in person.

Nest Total Temperature Control

Google has bought Nest Labs, thus entering the home automation field. And now, in the true spirit of April 1st, Nest has teamed up with Virgin America to reinvent the way people fly. The new Total Temperature Control lets every single passenger set their own temperature for an even more personalized flight. Let’s all agree that this isn’t that farfetched at first, so who knows, maybe somebody will implement this in the future.


Another company acquired by Google is playing a pretty ingenious prank on its users – social mapping software company Waze announces that after buying Israeli social enterprise software startup SingleSpotter, they’ve created WazeDates – a service that alerts drivers of other single person on the same read or nearby. You can search by age, sex, orientation and more. Just don’t leave your car running and start looking for them on the highway!

Emoji translation

Google announces that Translate support for Emoji is now built directly into Chrome for Android and iOS. So, you can now read all your favorite Web content “using efficient and emotive illustrations, instead of cumbersome text.” So, say goodbye to words as everything’s turning now into emoji characters!

AdSense earnings

This one I saw myself today while logging into my AdSense account. If you have an AdSense account account, you will see that you can now see how many of your customers are coming from Europe or other planets and moons. I bet you thought that your website is so cool that even Martians and astronauts are reading it…