It is in mobile systems that most have arisen, the result of greater use and the latest one appeared on iOS which can easily block any iPhone, just by pressing 3 buttons only. A man in Italy named Kevin found a new bug in iOS which has no security implications or gives users untrue data access. Even its behavior is strange and the man manages to block an iPhone for long minutes, after which iOS end up recovering for itself, becoming inaccessible and unusable during that time. However, to replicate the problem, users just need to open the Control Center screen, then simultaneously press one of the options on the bottom line (Alarm, Calculator, Camera), the Night Shift button, and the AirDrop button. Moreover, if you want a video demonstration then don’t worry about that as we have already had the video which you can see below. Probably this will be a combination that almost all users will never load, but the tech giant Apple still has to fix this flaw. From what has been tested, this is an old bug that affects several versions of iOS, going to the recent 10.3.2 beta version. It is very likely that the tech giant Apple will fix it until the release of the next final version of iOS. Here’s one more bug to add to the vast collection that has been cropping up in recent years on both iOS and Android. Brands tend to be quick to fix them, but this one, given its small impact on iOS and users, has been around for a longer time.