One of Samsung’s selling features for the Galaxy S5 is its water and dust resistance, and that has pushed a lot of users to get creative with their tests of the phone’s durability. We previously saw the Galaxy S5 survive a washing mashine, a testament to Samsung’s strenuous testing process for its flagship. Below are three more videos that pit the Galaxy S5 against peanut butter and a labrador, a .50 caliber sniper rifle and a lot of water, falls and drops. In the first video, the Galaxy S5 is covered with peanut butter, placed inside a sandwich and given to a labrador. The dog is smart enough to eat his way around the phone, then lick it almost clean, without actually trying to chew the electronics — thank goodness, that would have been dangerous! The S5 is then thrown in a pool, taken out and is ready to roll again, as if nothing had happened.

The Galaxy S5 isn’t so lucky in the second test, where Ricky Ryan, the “tech assassin” decides to drop the S5 on a piece of concrete, in the water, and then as if he has a personal vendetta against the phone, he shoots it with a .50 caliber sniper rifle. All three crimes are filmed is amazing slo-mo for your viewing pleasure — you masochist phone torturer!

The last test is done in a more professional setting by SquareTrade, with the Galaxy S5 being pitted against the new HTC One (M8), the Nexus 5 and the iPhone 5S in a series of three tests. The first is a 4-foot drop where the Galaxy S5 gets a few scratches but the Nexus 5 has its glass broken. The second is a slide test on a smooth surface, and there the Galaxy S5 glides dangerously far, though not as much as the M8. The final test is a water-drop where the Galaxy S5 survives untouched, an expected result given its water-resistance feature.

Have you seen other interesting tests of the Galaxy S5’s durability? Share them with us below.