The Moto Z Droid is the world’s thinnest smartphone that is available at the moment. Coming in at 5.2mm, the phone is more than 2mm thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge which comes in at 7.9mm. However, does this mean that the device is more prone to breaking when put under stress?

As can be seen in the video, the Moto Z Droid’s Gorilla Glass 4 has managed to protect the device from the most basic scratches that one can expect on a device. However, both the front and rear camera flash are not protected by this glass, making them prone to scratches.

Impressively, the device even survived JerryRig’s bend stress test and snapped back into place without any serious damage. This could be attributed to its metal unibody and premium build quality which helps keep the device intact. For the world’s thinnest smartphone, this is no small feat as many other premium and thicker phones like the Nexus 6P have failed this stress test miserably. Other areas of the phone that had problems were the fingerprint scanner whose efficiency was reduced after being scratched and the metal back panel, which does hold up in strength but is prone to pesky scratches. Apart from the wear and tear in the highlighted areas, the device faired positively in the test. The Moto Z Droid can be purchased from Verizon for $624 outright or by paying $26 monthly for 24 months, while the Z Force Droid will set you back by $720 or $30 per month.