The Oppo Find 7 is getting less and less mysterious with every passing day thanks to numerous leaks but today, we’re taking a break away from speculating on its 50MP camera prowess or talking about its 2K QHD display resolution, to check the cool March 19th launch invite that has been sent to multiple Chinese bloggers and technology journalists. The invite comes in an inconspicuous black box with a map to the event’s location, a QR code and a hidden black pyramid stand. The QR code seems to unlock some sort of image when the person doing the unboxing scans it with their phone, and he then places the phone face-down on the pyramid. This launches an interactive video, inside the pyramid, for the Oppo Find 7’s launch. It’s all quite cool and done with style and flair. Check it out in the video below: ) More details have also recently surfaced about the Oppo Find 7, with most of the specs being confirmed, apart from the camera’s resolution that is, and a retail price of $570 being suggested for the 1080p display version. That would make the 2K QHD version even more expensive, ouch!