Expected for some time that there are two new smartwatches which will be fed with the latest version of Android Wear. These new watches, it is now known, will arrive in early 2017, probably with the Android Wear 2.0. Google has always depended on its partners to present the device using their operating systems. But this changed dramatically with the new Pixel smartphones. This change in philosophy is evident in many areas and also in smartwatches seems to prepare. These new smartwatches from Google, the brand will launch with their own name, they are not new, but with the information which is now available, appear to be closer to reality. The smartwatches, the Swordfish and Angelfish, may be about to appear on the market and will have the latest version of Android Wear, 2.0, hitting the market at the beginning of 2017. The information was well known by Evan Blass, as he posted few details about the smartwatches on his Twitter account.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) October 13, 2016 It was known that these new smartwatches were being prepared and everything pointed to that might arise with the new smartphones, but the delay of the final version of Android Wear for next year also brought some slack to Google to complete their watches. Than expected, the first model could be the Angelfish and it will be the largest and remember the Moto 360 it will have LTE connection, GPS and heart sensor. It is also equipped with 3 buttons and a circular crown like many other watches have. There will also be 2 more buttons, but for now, it is not known that what functions those buttons will have. The second model could be the swordfish which will be the smaller among the two, resembling a new Pebble time, but with a lower frame. As it will have only one button and dispense all the elements that the other model has like LTE, GPS and heart sensor.