Apple Watch offers many features that might not be available on the other brand smartwatches. On Apple Watch, you can read and send messages, listen to songs, and answer phone calls even if your iPhone is not with you. However, there’s no way to watch the youtube videos on the Watch, so for that, you will need your Phone only. But did you know there’s a way to watch youtube videos on Apple Watch?

Have An Apple Watch, Then Watch YouTube Videos On It

Yes, you can watch YouTube videos on your Apple Watch with the help of an app called WatchTube. WatchTube is a new app that allows you to watch any YouTube video on your Apple Watch.  The app is available to download on App Store. Once the app is installed from the watchOS App Store, you are ready to watch YouTube videos.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch?

Yes, you can watch Youtube videos on your watch with the help of the app WatchTube. However, the app requires an Apple Watch running WatchOS 6 or above.

Download the WatchTube app from App Store. Install it. The user interface is very good. There will be four sections: Home, Search, Library, and Settings. Similar to the official YouTube app, on the home page, you can see trending videos. If you want, it also allows users to choose a specific category of videos to show on the home.

You can also search for anything as the in-built search works very well. You can also use dictation and scribble to search any video. The interface is almost similar to the official Youtube app. Users can also subscribe to channels and save videos in the library tab. You just can’t link your YouTube account. Also, it provides a QR code so you can access and share a specific video to other devices like iPhones or iPad. So, if you have Apple Watch, you can do so many things with a single gadget. Not every time you will be watching videos on Watch, but sometimes, it’s a fun thing to do.