Previously, Bentley has created a 53 billion pixel image of Mulsanne on Golden Gate Bridge in California. The 53 billion pixel image was so detailed that you can even see the stitching on the Bently Mulsanne’s seats. It took 48 hours to capture the image, made up of 1,825 individual frames and the downloading time itself took 18 hours. Well, let me tell you, clicking such photos is a challenging task because the camera has to withstand 40-degree celsius heat and a wind speed of 25km/h. To dodge the heat and wind issue, Bently reached out to NASA in order to secure the right technology. If you zoom into the image you will find a hidden Bentley Flying Spur W12 parked at the marina. Let’s have a look at the images:

Can You Spot The Bentley?

Let’s have a closer look

Here it is!

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