Sadly, ink cartridges are notorious gluttons. Their sky-high prices can quickly gobble up your budget, especially if you’re a business owner. A company with annual revenue of $5 million could spend up to $150,000 on documents every year, Moment reports. If you want to save big on printing costs, make the switch to our sponsor, Epson EcoTank. This revolutionary tech cuts ink cartridges out of the equation, which means you can save a ton of cash over time.

Kiss ink cartridges goodbye – say hello to big savings

Here’s how it works. Epson’s EcoTank uses refillable ink bottles that last much longer than cartridges. Normal printers can run out of ink in the blink of an eye, but these high-tech printers come with a ridiculous amount of ink. That means you can just fill and chill, as Kim loves to say. In fact, you’ll get up to two years’ worth of ink when you buy an EcoTank printer. Some replacement sets come with enough ink to print up to 6,000 pages in color. Only need black and white? Then you can print up to 7,500 pages in one set. When you’re working with a normal printer, you’re spending about 20 cents per page. Compare that to the EcoTank, which costs just 1 cent per page. Think of how much money you’re keeping in your pocket!

Buy it now and you’ll get four ink bottles for free

Epson EcoTank printers come with integrated Wi-Fi and auto-setup, which means you can easily connect your smart assistant. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant can help you print paperwork hands-free. These printers are so popular they are sometimes hard to find. But we found a great deal you should advantage of ASAP. Grab one of these high-quality printers and save big on printing!