Post a job opening to one and sure, you might get a stack of resumes — but there’s a good chance you’ll spend way more time sorting through unqualified candidates than interviewing your next great team member. That’s why we use LinkedIn. LinkedIn Jobs matches your open role with qualified candidates and puts your post in front of members every day so you can hire the right person, fast. If you’re thinking, “Yeah, but I’ll have to pay a lot,” think again. Right now, go to and you can post a job for free.

Why LinkedIn?

For starters, there are more than 740 million active members on the platform and that number is growing every day. It’s the solution we use at Komando HQ to find, connect with and hire the right talent. Getting job postings to reach the right people can be difficult. LinkedIn’s easy-to-use tools help you narrow down the field. You can screen for qualified applicants by adding required questions. It works, too. About 80% of jobs with screening questions get a qualified applicant within a day.

How else can LinkedIn help you hire?

Put your job in front of the right people through promoted search results, email and text alerts. Plus, you’ll get instant recommended matches of people who haven’t applied but would be a good fit for your role.LinkedIn filters for the most qualified applicants based on experience, location and other criteria. Job seekers who don’t meet your needs are automatically rejected, so every applicant hears back from you.As applicants come in, organize them all in one place. Filter, sort and rate your applicants so you can focus your energy on reaching out to those who are the best fit.When you rate an applicant a “Good fit,” LinkedIn learns who you’re looking for and will recommend your job to similar people.

What are you waiting for? There are so many good candidates out there looking for a good opportunity. This is a great time to hire and scoop up your next superstar employee. Ready to get started? Go to now and post a job for free. Need help polishing your job listing?

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