Google today announced a new redesign for Wear OS to help you get to things faster that actually matter. The new redesign is aimed at providing quick access to notifications, Google Assistant, and Fit.

The upcoming version of Wear OS will feature a new notification stream which can be accessed by simply swiping up from the home screen. From there, one can tap on any important notification they see which will reveal actional buttons. So, for example, if you see an important message, you can tap on it to get access to Smart replies.

Swiping down on the home screen will provide one with access to Google Pay, Find my phone, and other useful features. The new design is also making it easier to access proactive suggestions from Google Assistant. A simple right swipe from the home screen will bring up Assistant complete with all its suggestions and recommendations. This can include details about your flight details, hotel bookings, weather information, and more.

Lastly, a swipe to the left from the home screen will bring up the redesigned Google Fit where one can see their daily progress, start a new workout recording, and more. Essentially, this update brings about a massive redesign to how Wear OS functions. It should make it far easier to handle bundled notifications whilst also putting important features and apps just a swipe away. Google says the new Wear OS will start rolling out from next month. There’s no mention of which watches will get the update, but if you own a particular old smartwatch, consider yourself out of luck.