WeatherBug vs. Google Weather App

Daily and Extended Forecast: Most top weather apps offer a daily and extended forecast, which can prepare you for your day by alerting you of weather changes. While both apps have a daily, and even an hourly forecast available, Google Weather app offers a 15 day extended forecast, while WeatherBug has a ten day extended forecast. Weather is constantly changing, and it is nice to be able to plan ahead whether it is for a vacation or a nice weekend. Being on top of the weather can be a game changer when it comes to making any type of arrangements. Alerts: Both apps offer alerts for the weather in your area. The Google Weather app will also alert you about the pollen count in your area, which is great if allergies tend to be an issue. The WeatherBug app, while it also has a pollen count feature, distinguishes itself by providing smart energy tips, and letting you know how much it will cost to keep your home comfortable during the current weather conditions. Something as simple as suggesting we turn our air condition or lights off can be an extremely useful tip that we did not even know we needed. This can be helpful to anyone, especially those of us who are looking to save money. World Weather: Both top weather apps offer access to weather in your specific location, as well as all around the world. Google Weather App allows you to track weather in your favorite places around the world with their 24/7 remote temps feature, and a feature for weather news, so that you are aware of major changes or troublesome weather around the world. Meanwhile, WeatherBug offers a comprehensive national and world forecast along with weather news. WeatherBug also has features that notify you about the weather during your most important game days, your gardening days, and so on. We understand that choosing between top weather apps can be a challenging decision. Both prove to be simple, yet comprehensive, weather apps that are suitable for the busybody. When choosing a weather app, we tend to forget that there are so many other things that are going to influence our day. However, WeatherBug goes above and beyond with its customizable features to improve the living quality of users. Whether it is saving you money by giving you energy saving tips and tricks, or telling you what fruits and vegetables are in season, you will not be disappointed with WeatherBug.