There are web apps that you can open in your browser and they will generate pleasant sounds that will make you fill relaxed and focused to your tasks. We’ve also featured similar apps in the past, such as, which we’re also going to feature in the list below. Without further ado, here they are.


Noisli is a very simple to use web app where you change the background sound and color to help you be relaxed. What’s also cool is that there’s a basic text editor that you can use to write straight from the web app and then save as .txt. You can choose to listen to pink, brown, white noise or the noise specific to a coffee shop, a summer night, bonfire, water, seaside, water stream, leaves, forest, wind, rain or thunderstorm.

Like I was previously saying, the reputed web app has been made available for iOS and Android users, as well. Just like the name suggest, you get to plain with rain and thunder in a very simple to use web app. After you have chosen the desired settings, you choose to hide the panels and display rain drops, like in the above screenshot.


FabRelax is another useful web app that you can use to stay focused while listening to soothing sounds. You can select from water, animals, wind, fire, forest and have them run together in the same time or separately. By playing with the sound levels, you can recreate the exact sounds from nature. There’s also the option of setting a timer, so that you could change the settings after the established frame of time has come to an end.

Nature Sounds For me

What can be more relaxing than nature’s sounds, instead of the honking and noise of the city? Use this web app to play nature sounds on headphones while working, reading, meditating or just for fun. You can play with a various selection of sounds and also choose to load predefined sound settings by other users. There’s also an iOS app that costs $1.99 to get it.

Simply Noise

SimplyNoise is described by the maker as the best free color noise generator on the Internet, with the content being crafted by a professional Sound Designer to ensure the highest audio fidelity. The web app is very easy to use, as you can select from white, pink or brown noise, as well as choose to start the oscillation or the sleep timer.

Sound Sleeping

Technology can help you sleep better, by using the right apps, headphones or even a breakthrough mask. The Sound Sleeping web app comes with sounds that can help you aid sleep, reduce stress, and provide a relaxing atmosphere for yoga, tai-chi, meditation and, obviously, work. By registering an account, you will also be able to save and load presets of music.