Few days back we had seen 22 Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions. Now, make it 23! Web of Trust (or WOT as it is popularly known) has come to Google Chrome! The big browser add-on developers have started showing interest in Google Chrome and its a great news for all Chrome fans. In case you are unfamiliar with Web of Trust (WOT), it is a project that lets people rate the trustworthiness of Web sites and see how others have rated them. It’s a great add-on for anyone wanting a bit of added security and safety when they browse.

Previously I had included WOT amongst Top 6 Alternatives for McAfee SiteAdvisor. If you happen on a particularly bad site, WOT will block it completely and display an alert page instead and give you a choice to bail out or disregard the warning and continue.

Download WOT extension for Google Chrome

Download WOT.crx extension from Wiki or even better Direct Download link for WOT