All the biggest industries in the world – banking, energy, automobiles, insurance, and health care – are on course to be upended by technology and innovation in the years ahead. ZDNET will be here to provide clarity for our audience during this time of transition that’s likely to see the rise of new products and new industry leaders. I’ve personally been covering the tech industry for two decades and I’ve never been more optimistic about the power of the next wave of tech to change the world for the better. As part of our ambitious mission to cover the journey that the technology world will take in this decade, ZDNET has a new look that embraces our focus on disruptive innovation. That includes a new logo, hand-drawn by ZDNET’s long-time graphic design lead and a new primary brand color dubbed “Energy Yellow.” By adopting lowercase and slashes as design elements, ZDNET’s new look embraces our roots at the dawn of the internet and our deep connection with coders and internet entrepreneurs as well as a new generation of tech enthusiasts who’ve grown up with the internet in their pockets.  As the page turns to this new chapter of ZDNET, we’ll continue to serve our audience of professionals who embrace the benefits of new technology and always want to stay a step ahead. We’ll also acknowledge that they have full lives and that the boundaries between work and life are more blended than ever.  We’ll help you select the products that can let you start living that future today — by selecting the right foldable phone to improve productivity, a DNA test to better understand your health, a fintech bank to earn more interest on your savings, an autonomous lawn mower to automate your yard work, and an EV to get a car that costs less to operate and has a lower impact on the environment. And those are only a handful of examples. In addition to a new site, we also have a team that’s ready to help you find the best products, get time-saving tips and share insights for understanding how tech is revolutionizing the world. We span multiple generations and have a diverse range of perspectives from those who have lived their entire lives shaped by new technologies to long-time enthusiasts who’ve experimented with the latest gear for decades. We are all united around a curiosity for innovation and a goal to tell excellent stories about how it will shape our future. An amazing decade stretches out before us, and we’re grateful that you’re willing to be on the journey with us. Send a note to to let us know what you’re most excited about in the years ahead and how ZDNET can help you stay on the cutting edge.