Why? Because they not only protect your passwords within an encrypted, password-protected vault, but they also include features that can help you create strong, random passwords and even share those entries with other people. Bitwarden is no stranger to such features. Built into this open-source password manager is a feature that makes it very easy to share vault items with teams or family members.  That feature is called Organizations.  Also: You’re definitely not making the most of your password manager With Bitwarden you create an organization, add members to the organization, and then add vault items that can be viewed by any member. Bitwarden allows you to create an organization with a free account, but you’re limited to only two users – including yourself. If you need to share an organization with more than one other person, you’ll have migrated to one of the paid plans, which include:

Premium, $10 annually - advanced 2FA features, emergency access, Bitwarden authenticator, and security reportsFamilies, $3.33 per month - up to six users, unlimited Collections, 1GB encrypted storageTeams, $3 per user per month - unlimited users and Collections, 1GB encrypted storageEnterprise, $5 per user per month - unlimited users and Collections, 1GB encrypted storage, SSO Authentication

It’s important to understand that Organizations is a separate feature from your personal vault. What that means is anyone who has access to your organization will not have access to your personal vault. These two things are isolated from one another, so anything you save in your personal vault is safe. Also: How to share credit card info in a Bitwarden vault With that said, let’s see how you create an organization in Bitwarden.


You’ll need a valid Bitwarden account, either free or paid, and a web browser.

How to create Bitwarden Organizations

Also: How to protect and secure your password manager The user will be sent an email where they can verify their account. Once that’s done, the user will have access to any vault items you add to the organization. And that’s all there is to using Bitwarden Organizations. Anyone who needs to share passwords with teams, friends, or family members would do well with this feature.