Do you like money? Sure you do! Tap or click here for an optical illusion that will have you seeing green. Can a simple optical illusion tell you more about yourself than you care to know? You might be surprised. Check out the one below.

Do you see the man or the penguin first?

This TikTok video, courtesy of charlesmeriot, takes 15 seconds to watch, and the results made us take a long look inwards: You’re asked if you see a penguin or a man first. According to the person who posted the video, there are two types of people in this world:

People who see the man first are social and have a lot of friends. They also might be more gullible than average.If you saw the penguin first, you’re intuitive and tend to be “wise,” thinking long-term as opposed to living for today alone.

Those who see the man before the penguin might have difficulty making decisions. Penguin-minded observers tend to be patient, with a sense of maturity that allows them to understand when good things are coming their way down the line.  We can’t argue with what the test revealed about ourselves; it’s weirdly validating, like a spot-on horoscope from the Sunday paper. Who would have ever known such a simple exercise could be so telling?

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