Then, upon closer inspection, you realize it is supposed to get to an address that is not yours. Someone else is probably anxiously waiting and sorely disappointed that their package is nowhere to be found. So now what? Do you keep it? Return it? Sell it? Deliver it to the right address yourself? Well, it’s up to you to decide.

First thing’s first: Why is it there?

And what if you got someone else’s package?

The reality of delivery services is that they will get it wrong sometimes. It’s bound to happen with so many packages, with an address being misread or a package being misplaced. This is a gray area. If you recognize the address, you are of course welcome to deliver it yourself. Sometimes it’s a case of mistaken street number, and the package actually belongs to your neighbor. You can bring it to them and call it a day. If it’s an address that’s farther away, and you feel like taking a road trip, you can deliver it too. It would end up being a kind of no-harm, no-foul type of situation, as the package will ultimately end up where it was supposed to.

Always watch for a rogue scam!

The other possibility for a rogue package involves a scam, albeit not one that necessarily hurts people. Instead, it takes advantage of customers. The packages are sent as a way for overseas sellers to try and improve their standing on the site.