From now on, smartphones certified by the tech giant Google will bring a new logo in the box that identifies this new security measure. For several years, Android has been associated with a poorly optimized system, with security holes and high fragmentation. If in the first versions this was true, it has evolved year after year, being today reaching a level of enormous maturity. If fragmentation is still a problem that needs to be addressed, security has been one of the centers in Android. After betting on the monthly security patches, which various brands have adopted, the tech giant Google has also introduced Google Play Protect, a new system that allows you to keep security between applications, both those installed by the Play Store, as well as those installed by other third party sources. From now on, Google-certified smartphones to use their services and applications will also bring Google Play Protect home, which will allow you to protect your device from day one. To identify the presence of this new security measure will be inserted in the boxes the logo of the new tool, which will identify the presence of this new security measure and Google certification. In addition to the new devices, Google Play Protect has already reached existing smartphones, you can check the status of this tool by going to the settings, followed by the Google –» Security –» finally Google Play Protect. A website has also been launched regarding these new elements of certification, the benefits of Google Play Protect, frequently asked questions about this certification, and a list of brands with certified devices. So, what do you think about this new security certification of the tech giant Google? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.