If you are considering getting a new credit card, an unsecured credit card could very well be the card for you. With an unsecured credit card, you can have the ability to pay for your purchases later either in full or in installments pre-assigned by your credit card issuer. These cards can bear the Visa or Mastercard logo, giving you greater spending power.

Good or excellent credit: Unsecured credit cards rely upon your credit score in order to receive approval, so it is usually important to hold a good or excellent credit score.Emergencies: An unsecured credit card can be a great choice to keep on hand in case an emergency expense comes up, such as a medical bill or home emergency. Rewards: Many unsecured credit cards offer rewards when you reach a certain threshold of purchases. The dollar requirements and type of rewards vary, but you could earn anything from cash back to travel perks when you apply for a rewards credit card. 

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and American Express Gold Card are among our top picks for the best unsecured credit cards. If you have a poor credit score, you are likely better off selecting a secured credit card instead, which gives you a line of credit in exchange for a deposit.  Once you are ready to apply, there are certain pieces of information that the credit card issuer will require, in addition to your credit score.

Personal details, such as your name, address, and date of birthSocial security numberAnnual income

You can typically apply online for most unsecured credit cards. Also: The 5 best unsecured credit cards: Bad credit? No worries. Pros 

Fair credit neededNo annual fee or foreign transaction feesNo balance transfer fees


High interestNo introductory offerA limited line of credit

We regularly survey today’s leading credit cards to find the best unsecured credit cards for your needs. Our latest study includes these other high-rated credit cards: