I’ve found, with some devices, the phone mic would randomly mute, requiring that I either call the person back or restart my phone. On other occasions, the person on the other end of the call would have trouble hearing me well, because of extraneous noise. That’s why Google developers have been working hard to bring a new feature to Pixel devices, called Clear Calling.  This new feature uses AI to cancel that extraneous noise for both callers. That’s the remarkable part of the feature, as it not only minimizes ambient noise your mic picks up, but also clears up the ambient noise you hear from the other party. Also: Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro hands-on: The start of Google’s walled garden   It’s about time Google improved the phone call experience with Android.  Thanks to the December Android update, Clear Calling is now available for the Pixel 7. I’ve enabled it and have been very impressed with the results. I’ve found phone calls are considerably clearer. Anyone with a Pixel 7 device should hop on the Clear Calling bandwagon immediately.  For those without Pixel 7s, there has been no indication that Clear Calling will ever find its way to other devices. That could be because the newer Pixel devices include the Tensor chip, which is responsible for handling the AI and machine learning for the devices. Phones without the Tensor chip might not be able to handle the processing required for Clear Calling. But then again, who knows what’s in store for future updates on non-Pixel Android devices? Regardless, Pixel 7 owners should enable Clear Calling immediately, to enjoy considerably improved phone calls. These are, after all, phones.

What is Android Clear Calling and how do you enable it?


The only things you’ll need for this are a Pixel 7 and the December 2022 update. If you haven’t yet, make sure to go to Settings > System > System Update and check for the update. If it’s available (it should be), make sure to apply it. Also: Google Pixel 7 vs Pixel 7 Pro: How to buy the right one for you With that taken care of, let’s enable Clear Calling to improve your Pixel phone call experience. And that’s all there is to enabling Clear Calling on your Pixel 7 device. You should now experience much-improved phone call sounds and be able to hear and be heard much better. Believe me when I say the Pixel devices have needed this feature for some time, as the phone call experience has been less than acceptable. With the help of Clear Calling, Pixel phones are on par with any handset on the market with regards to phone call clarity. Review: Google’s best Pixel phones zoom past Samsung on this one camera feature Once it’s enabled, you can close out the settings app.