The feature is called Firefox View. Essentially, Firefox view is a new tab in the web browser that displays all tabs from all of the browsers that are connected to your Firefox account.  For example, you might have Firefox installed on a desktop, a laptop, and your mobile phone. You probably also have tabs open on each instance.  With this new feature, it’s an absolute no-brainer to move between Firefox instances and have access to all the currently open tabs. With this in place, you won’t miss a beat as you migrate from your desktop to your laptop to your phone. Also: What’s the most popular web browser?


The new Firefox View feature only works on the latest release of the web browser, which means you’ll need to have version 106 or above for this to work. I’ll be demonstrating on the Firefox Nightly release, which is currently at version 108.0a1. I’ll be using the same version on both desktop and mobile devices. You’ll also need a Firefox Account, so make sure you sign into that same account on any device you want to sync.  You can download the latest version of Firefox from the Mozilla download page.

What is Firefox View and how do you use it?

Once you have the latest version of Firefox installed and connected to your Firefox Account, you’ll need to make sure you have the sync settings correct. Also: How to use tab groups in Google Chrome Once everything is set up, go ahead and click the Firefox menu button, click your email address, and then click Sync Now.

How to use Firefox View

Okay, now that everything is up and running, you should see a Firefox icon pinned to the left of your tab bar. You can keep that icon where it is, pin it to the overflow menu, or remove it. Changing the location of the View icon is done by right-clicking it. Click the View icon to open a tab with all of your currently opened tabs on all your connected devices. You will also see a list of your recently closed tabs as well. Each opened tab will be listed in such a way that you’ll see the name of the device holding the tab in the bottom left corner of each tab card. Click on a tab card to open the tab in question.  And that’s all there is to using the new Firefox View feature.  If you bounce from desktop to desktop, or desktop to mobile, this feature should make your day considerably easier. You won’t have to bother emailing links to yourself or worry that the tab you’ve left open at work isn’t accessible while on the go. Also: How to use Safari’s Tab Groups feature Give Firefox View a try and see if it doesn’t make your life a tiny bit easier.