So, when I discovered a Stage Manager feature in MacOS, I got excited. I had to think it would be an incredibly effective means of working with the desktop. It really is. Also: Don’t waste your money on these Apple products: December 2022 edition Here’s how it works. Once you’ve enabled Stage Manager, the app you are currently using takes up the center of the display, while all other open apps appear as live thumbnails on the side. To switch between apps, all you have to do is click a thumbnail to bring that app to the center. If you tend to multitask a lot, this is a great way to work, especially if you prefer to keep your MacOS Dock hidden. You can quickly switch between apps and more easily see what you have open. I’m going to show you how to enable and use the MacOS Stage Manager feature. Places!

How to enable MacOS Stage Manager

To switch to another app, all you have to do is click on the live thumbnail for that app and it will take the place of the current app in the center of your desktop. And that’s all there is to enabling and using the MacOS Stage Manager feature. If you multitask as much as I do, you’ll find Stage Manager to be a welcome addition to the desktop.